Sibelco manufactures lime in the form of quicklime and hydrated lime at various operations throughout the world.

Quicklime (CaO), otherwise called calcium oxide, is the product of the calcination of limestone in rotary, vertical or other specific kilns at temperatures of 1000–1300℃. It consists primarily of oxides of calcium and magnesium. Quicklime is available in a number of sizes, ranging from lump and pebble lime to granular or pulverised lime.

Hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2), otherwise called calcium hydroxide or limil, is a dry powder obtained by treating calcium oxide with water, enough to satisfy its chemical affinity for water under conditions of its hydration. Hydrated lime is air classified, milled or screened to produce the fineness necessary to meet user requirements. The normal grades of hydrate used for chemical purposes are predominately finer than 75µm.

Lime and limestone are used extensively in metallurgy to remove impurities and adjust final chemistry. Highly reactive and soluble lime is essential for pulp and paper manufacturing, water treatment and air quality management.